Seven Directions Mandala

An encaustic mandala painting "Seven Directions Mandala" by Janet Fox with rainbow colors

Seven Directions Mandala Sometime in the 1990’s, I went to a workshop to learn how to make a seven-sided drum head. A Native American man led the workshop and shared a beautiful story of a quest. Each side of the drum head represented one day in the story. Although I no longer recall his story […]

She Chi

Close-up image of an encaustic mixed media painting by Janet Fox titled "She Chi."

She Chi or feminine energy She Chi is an original, 7-panel, encaustic mixed media painting inspired by an amazing springtime dream that went something like this… Once upon a dreamscape, a woman was spending a quiet spring evening in a peaceful secluded park at the edge of a forest. Positioned up a bit on a […]

The Little Girl’s Dream

A sneak peek of "The Little Girl's Dream," an encaustic artwork

The Little Girl’s Dream is an encaustic painting reflecting on the earliest dream I recall ever having. The image above is a sneak peek at part of it. I’ll present about both at DREAM ART: Connecting to the Dream World through Art, Annilee Oppenheimer and Janet Fox, at the Jung Society of Washington on Friday […]

Encaustic Fedora

"Hatless Fedora," an encaustic fedora artwork by Janet Fox

Encaustic Fedora My challenge was to create a 3-D encaustic fedora for “The Wearable Hat Show,” curated by DC art collector Steven Krensky and a mystery juror. The show offered artists in the metro DC area a unique opportunity to make a statement through the art of the hat. Since encaustic medium works the best […]

Connections: lines, circles, spaces between

Image of an encaustic and ink painting by Janet Fox titled "Connections."

Connections hold us together With so much us-vs-them energy in the external world, I needed a reminder of our many complicated, beautiful and often unseen connections. Whether I like it or not, I’m part of a fantastic web and an action in one spot ripples throughout in mysterious ways. When I am upset, I can […]

Art Cathedral Glass

Beautiful cathedral glass Traveling is a great way to pull out of routine, learn about other places and people, explore questions, and expand one’s views. It’s also a great way to find inspiration. I recently traveled to Switzerland. While there, I happened into the Grossm├╝nster cathedral in Z├╝rich, where I discovered the most beautiful stained […]