Artist Janet Fox in her art studio
Artist Janet Fox in her art studio

I love to make art and learn about art-making by experimenting in my studio, by viewing and discussing art with others, and through living and dreaming. I have been creating art professionally for more than 15 years and have studied under Indianapolis and D.C. artists, and in online art communities.

I paint, in part, to communicate visually. My paintings are abstract or representational, often inspired by nature or the curious images in dreams. I paint with heated beeswax and fluid paints on wood, art board, canvas or paper and like to add fibrous and colorful papers, fabric, ink and found materials for fabulous textures. My favorite media are:

  • encaustic (fused pigmented bees’ wax)
  • mixed media
  • acrylic


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* Gallery 209 Member Artist, member of Montgomery Art Association, and member of International Encaustic ArtistsSave