Image of an encaustic painting by Janet Fox titled "Dreamtime Journey to Somewhere."
Dreamtime Journey to Somewhere | encaustic | Honorable Mention Award,  Montgomery Art Association’s “Paint the Town 2015”

Where do I journey while dreaming?

In waking life, I often think about where I am going. I seek immediate and longer term answers. I equally think about sleep-time journeys. Dream settings, characters and actions can be so fantastical. While dreaming, I’ve been in structures and vehicles, on land and over mountains. I’ve flown above and through the treetops, leaped off cliffs and visited under water. I recognize some places, while others are unfamiliar. Sometimes I know who I’m with; other times I don’t.

Do I choose these travels?

Dreams take me on travels magical, heavenly, spiritual, mysterious, fantastic and scary. Sometimes the feeling is very calm; other times action-packed. Before falling asleep, I like to focus on a question or something that I need guidance about. If I remember a dream upon waking, I enjoy reflecting on both the dream story and the question.

I started this practice years ago because I was curious about these dreamtime journeys. At that time, I happened upon a flyer announcing a dream exploration group, hanging on the bulletin board of a book store. I decided to sign up. Of all places where the group could have met, this one met one evening a week in a meeting room at – I kid you not – a local cemetery!

The group was utterly fascinating! We learned of important dreams throughout history, those in epics and religious texts, and songs and inventions inspired by dreams. We learned about Carl Jung’s ideas of psychology – the psyche, ego, self, Self, archetypes, shadow, anima, animus, the collective unconscious, individuation, and more. We learned how Jung worked with his own dreams and helped his clients through theirs.

We also incorporated dream exploration techniques pioneered by Jeremy Taylor, where we considered the dream presented “as if it were our own dream.” In this way, each group member could find something meaningful to themselves. Both dreamer and group members often expressed “ah-haaa!” moments, when something resonated within.

But mostly, we enjoyed sharing our dreamtime journeys with each other. The experience enlivened and helped me grow, and I’ve been hooked ever since!

To continue these travels when I’m awake, one way that I “honor my dreams” is through art making. Over the years, I’ve learned my unique internal language. Sometimes dream characters will appear in a series of dreams, and I find it fascinating to see how they’ve changed over time. I continue to be intrigued and full of wonder by these night-time wanderings!

Others’ ideas about dream journeys

Curious about your dream journeys and want to learn more?

About Dreamtime Journey to Somewhere

For this encaustic painting, I used some of my favorite colors… copper and aqua-marine or turquoise. I wanted to capture the idea that dreams are mini-journeys in the dark, guided by the reflected light of the moon, and often with a surprise on the other side. Somehow the saying, “All who wander are not lost,” seems to fit. Wishing you wonder-ful dream journeys!

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Last Updated August 15, 2019