She and Her Shadows

encaustic painting of woman wearing a turquoise and copper headband with red feather with her dark and golden shadows

She and Her Shadows One of the fascinating concepts I learned about over the years in dream study is that of the shadow. The negative or dark shadow, according to psychologist Carl Jung, holds those unconscious aspects of ourselves that we don’t want anyone, and most often not even ourselves, to acknowledge. These aspects are […]

Sleep Talking With Pisces

Image of an encaustic painting by Janet Fox titled "Two Fish in the Pool."

Two Fish (Pisces) in the Pool Sleep-time dreams have fascinated me since I was a child. Often, I wake up with an adventure of some kind to write down in my dream journal. But when I awoke on a late February morning, I had no memory of a dream. Instead, I learned that I had […]

Merci Mère Thanks Mother

Merci Mère Thanks Mother Merci Mère (Thanks Mother) is an original, encaustic mixed media painting. With aqua, gold and ivory paint and papers, as well as shellac burn technique, it includes these simple words from a French storybook dictionary. Creating something new, without a specific outcome in mind, can be a wonderfully relaxing process. In […]

Finding That Elusive Perfect Fit

Image of an encaustic painting by Janet Fox titled "Squound Hole, Rare Peg"

Squound seeking rare Sometimes I feel like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. Other times, I feel like a square hole, seeking a round peg. In both situations, the fit just isn’t quite right. When I can stretch myself in the direction of something where I don’t usually fit, I feel […]