Two Fish in the Pool

Image of an encaustic painting by Janet Fox titled "Two Fish in the Pool."

Two Fish in the Pool Sleep-time dreams have fascinated me since I was a child. Often, I wake up with an adventure of some kind to write down in my dream journal. But when I awoke on a late February morning, I had no memory of a dream. Instead, I learned that I had been […]

Transformation of a Scarlet Boa

Image of a mixed media painting by Janet Fox titled "Crossing Over 2."

Dreamscape… I’m in my apartment. Someone tells me to be very careful moving around because a scarlet boa constrictor has somehow gotten in. I creep slowly in a circular fashion through the living room, dining room and kitchen. I see it, coiled up in a corner next to a big basket. I know I must […]

Seaside Dancer

Relaxing at the seaside Like many people, I’ve taken a beautiful trip to a sunny and warm seaside. I walked on the beach, scoured the sand to find shells and other tidbits, watched the birds in search for food, and felt the warmth of the sun and rhythms of the waves. I walked in the […]


An invitation to see below the surface It’s summer time. The hot, sunny weather beckons us to the fountains, swimming pools and seaside beaches to submerge ourselves to keep cool. Sometimes while in the water, something submerged catches our curious eyes and beckons us under the surface to take a closer look and maybe to […]

Rain Drip (encaustic mixed media)

What Does the Journey of a Drip of Water Look Like? Water We are water. Mysterious beginning, starting small. Raindrops, running into a stream. Flowing, over rocks, through valleys; either muddy or clear. Into rivers, now rushing, roaring. Supporting life, destroying life. Carrying what’s sometimes meant to be left behind. To an ocean, calm and […]

Water and a Cool Wave (mixed media)

Splash in the Cool Waves; Visit the Peaceful Water Spirits Once upon a dream, a girl-woman strolled next to a stream. Or maybe it was a river, lake or ocean. The water was calm now, although sometimes it was not. When calm, she clearly saw the fishes and plants below the surface; other times, all […]