Ode to Scarlet

3D encaustic mixed media art asplecius staff coiled scarlet snake turquoise beads copper wire red feathers

Ode to Scarlet Created for Dance of Dreams Exhibit Thank you to everyone who joined us for the “Dance of Dreams” Art Exhibit Reception on September 27, 2019. The show ended October 31, 2019. As part of the reception, Special Guest Dancer May Kesler performed interpretive dances focused on two of my 12 dream art […]

Janet Fox Featured Artist Simon Says Yoga – Sept 27 Reception

Janet Fox Featured Artist Reception – Dance of Dreams Art Exhibit You’re invited to my “Dance of Dreams” Art Exhibit Reception at Simon Says Yoga to see many of my dream-inspired artworks. Special Guest May Kesler will perform interpretive dances for two of the dream paintings. Located at 4611 Sangamore Rd, Bethesda, MD 20816, the […]

Gallery 209 Expands to 22 Artists

Gallery 209 Expands – Now With 22 Artists I’m thrilled to be part of Gallery 209! Beautiful art from talented artists working together to make it happen. Check out this video for an introduction and sampling of our art. We’re now located upstairs in the large, third floor gallery at the award-winning Artists & Makers […]

Janet Fox Featured Artist Reception November 3rd at Gallery 209

Janet Fox Featured Artist Reception You’re invited to Janet Fox’s Featured Artist Reception in Gallery 209 on November 3rd; the show continues through November 28th. There’s more… on November 4th and 5th, come on by for the Open Studios Art Weekend, at Artists & Makers Studios 2 in Rockville. December, 2017 Note – A bit […]

Encaustic Fedora

"Hatless Fedora," an encaustic fedora artwork by Janet Fox

Encaustic Fedora My challenge was to create a 3-D encaustic fedora for “The Wearable Hat Show,” curated by DC art collector Steven Krensky and a mystery juror. The show offered artists in the metro DC area a unique opportunity to make a statement through the art of the hat. Since encaustic medium works the best […]

Dreamer’s Orb Cooling Irons in the Fire

The dreamer’s dreamscape… I’m in a big city, sometime during the daylight. I’m positioned high enough to see onto the flat rooftops of multi-story buildings. On one in particular, I see a small group of burly men working with vats of molten iron. The first man, with dark hair and closest to the roof’s edge, […]