MAA’s May Featured Gallery Artist

I’m thrilled to be the Montgomery Art Association’s Featured Gallery Artist from May 5-31, 2015! I invite you to stop by to see a larger selection of my art and also come to the reception on Sunday, May 17 from 1 – 5 PM at MAA’s Gallery in Westfield Wheaton, in Wheaton, Maryland. I’ll also […]

Balancing Act

Running, jumping, balancing… yes! Dreamscape… I’m in a fitness center, walking on a treadmill while a small group gathers on nearby mats for an aerobics class. The instructor begins class and everyone starts moving to the music. I like the music and find myself walking to the beat. I’m having fun and before I realize […]

Art Cathedral Glass

Beautiful cathedral glass Traveling is a great way to pull out of routine, learn about other places and people, explore questions, and expand one’s views. It’s also a great way to find inspiration. I recently traveled to Switzerland. While there, I happened into the Grossmünster cathedral in Zürich, where I discovered the most beautiful stained […]

Rain Drip (encaustic mixed media)

What Does the Journey of a Drip of Water Look Like? Water We are water. Mysterious beginning, starting small. Raindrops, running into a stream. Flowing, over rocks, through valleys; either muddy or clear. Into rivers, now rushing, roaring. Supporting life, destroying life. Carrying what’s sometimes meant to be left behind. To an ocean, calm and […]

Water and a Cool Wave (mixed media)

Splash in the Cool Waves; Visit the Peaceful Water Spirits Once upon a dream, a girl-woman strolled next to a stream. Or maybe it was a river, lake or ocean. The water was calm now, although sometimes it was not. When calm, she clearly saw the fishes and plants below the surface; other times, all […]

Innocence (mixed media art)

Dreams of Art. Art of Dreams. Sometimes one appears first. Other times, both appear together. What is a Dream? What is Art? Welcome to my website created to share my art and provoke thought and conversation. What is a dream? A dream can play out while sleeping; sometimes, I think about an especially vivid dream […]