Announcing Art Gallery 209

Gallery 209 opens doors I’m taking a break from my art blog for an exciting new effort… Gallery 209! This beautiful 12-artist art gallery cooperative is in #209 of the Artists & Makers Studios 2, located at 12276 Wilkins Ave., Rockville, Maryland 20852. Our local artists I’m thrilled to join with local artist Cathy Hirsh, […]

Hoppin’ Around Kensington

Image of an encaustic painting by Janet Fox titled "Hoppin' Around Kensington."

Hoppin’ Around Kensington The 2016 Kensington “Paint the Town” Labor Day Weekend Art Show is September 3-5, 2016. One of the requirements for artists participating in this annual show is to create a painting inspired by is Maryland town. The town co-sponsors the event with the Montgomery Art Association. In recent years, I painted the […]

Finding That Elusive Perfect Fit

Image of an encaustic painting by Janet Fox titled "Squound Hole, Rare Peg"

Squound seeking rare Sometimes I feel like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. Other times, I feel like a square hole, seeking a round peg. In both situations, the fit just isn’t quite right. When I can stretch myself in the direction of something where I don’t usually fit, I feel […]