LED + Art Collaborative

Cut-away of a mixed media painting by Janet Fox titled "Faux Stained Glass" in collaboration with SaikoLED.
Faux Stained Glass (cut-away) | mixed media in collaboration with SaikoLED

This project involves exhibiting a variety of my paintings illuminated by custom color-changing LED lights created, designed and built by entrepreneurs Brian Neltner and Daniel Taub at SaikoLED.

The “Faux Stained Glass” painting incorporates acrylic and fluorescent paint, washi, and black tar gel to obtain the stained-glass effect, as seen in this close-up. When the color-changing LED lights shine on the painting, it appears as a vibrant stained glass window giving the illusion of light streaming through from behind. And as various LED colors turn on and off, the related colors within the painting are either brightly emphasized or fade and darken.


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